Sample Resume - Please Kindly Remove a Link to my Site from your Directory

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Hi there,

I am the webmaster of

An SEO agency which I hired a while ago without my knowledge and approval has posted a link to my site on the directory site "" being hosted by you on the IP - "" with name servers "DNS Primario & DNS Secundario".

I have sent an email to the webmaster of this directory almost 6-7 times in the past 6 months requesting him to remove my link, but there is no response from his side. The SEO agency has posted similar links on many directories. I have now fired this SEO agency and have been personally contacting the webmasters of these directories to remove the link to my site. Many of the webmasters have responded and removed the link to my site from their directory.

I tried to contact the webmaster of the site hosted by you using the contact us form and the email address on their domain registration but none seems to be working as there is no reponse. I am assuming he is not receiving the emails as the email ids from these sources are probably not current.

As the site is being hosted by you can you kindly intimate the webmaster or forward this mail and ask him to take immediate action. All he needs to do is just simply delete the link to my site. The link is present on the following page with the description:


Sample Resume --

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Thank you for spending your valuable time reading my email and hoping for a quick response from your end.


Paula Olson




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